Okanagan Mountain Park Fire #1

Okanagan Mountain Park Fire #1

Okanagan Mountain Park Fire #1

By Chris Arlidge // In Traditional Art & Paintings

A colleague at work who has been following my early progress here with oils and landscapes suggested I do a work or two in this style with the subject of the Okanagan Mountain Park fire that occurred in 2003. If anyone here lives in B.C. they will probably recall this horrendous fire. I was there during it and in fact did a digital painting of a Martin Mars water bomber at that time. I thought her suggestion was interesting so I revisited that time – collecting many photos from the event, and decided this was a task that could span several paintings as there is such a variety of them, so it’s possible I may be chasing that rabbit. This painting and possibly any future paintings are not direct representations of the OK fire (despite the title) but heavily influenced by them.

20×20 Oils on Canvas

Not available for sale.

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